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T-shirt "Sunny hedgehog"

Children’s T-Shirt with a pattern "Drums"

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Bright and positive T-shirt from children's series is specially designed for kids who enjoy different kinds of work. Or if you would like your child to be involved in the art - it's your choice.

Drums are depicted not by chance, they set the pace in the group, and it is truly one of the most difficult instruments to play. Red, yellow and green colors are also not accidentally on this cute T-shirt,  they are the brightest and most positive in a color spectrum.

This T-shirt will promote creativity of your child and creative approach to solving both routine situations and everyday problems. Laid the foundation for this, you can be sure you work and love put into your kid will be the most stable and durable!

Your kids must thank you for that privilege of their love to music, art, architecture, Ukrainian culture since childhood. Even a person who is fully committed to the work that is related to mathematical or technical specialties, also loves to relax in beautiful music or stare at beautiful pictures. Now imagine how great when it’s you who are creating this music or picture... So give your child a chance. Give him or her our stylish T-shirt and connect the love of art to them!

If you want to buy a T-shirt with the traditional Ukrainian pattern "Drums" you hit us not in vain.Variation of size is listed above.

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