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Men’s T-Shirt "Apricot Pug"
MEN’S T-SHIRT "Panda with mandarins"

Men’s T-Shirt "New Year’s Wonderdog"


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Men’s T-Shirt "New Year’s Wonderdog"
Men’s T-Shirt "New Year’s Wonderdog"

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Size Shoulders Bust Length
S 43 cm 47 cm 69 cm
M 43 cm 50 cm 72,5 cm
L 43,5 cm 51,5 cm 72 cm
XL 45 cm 54 cm 74 cm
XXL 49 cm 59,5 cm 75 cm
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The dog followed men everywhere since ages. It helped them to guard family home and to hut. Today our Wonderdog will take care of your wealth. All you need is to buy a T-shirt with its image. We use the eco-friendly fabric which warms in winter and creates a cool feeling in summer. You can use it for beach walks or ski marches independently of weather. The print stays bright for years. Let’s become the beginners of new ethnic classics.

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