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Women’s T-Shirt "Cornflower raccoon"


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Women’s T-Shirt "Cornflower raccoon"
Women’s T-Shirt "Cornflower raccoon"

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It is hard to imagine someone who looked at this amazing T-shirt and would not like to take it to her closet! T-Shirt "Cornflower raccoon" becomes your favorite as soon as you put your eyes on it. Cornflowers symbolize tenderness and delicate nature of spiritual beauty, a certain sanctity and purity of soul. In addition, they are the embodiment of the finest girls' traits: humility and kindness. They are small but so colorful and bright!

The strength of cornflowers is in unity. After gathering a huge bunch of sky-blue flowers we see their beauty, their significance, they will decorate any home with divine fragrance. Similarly, a nation and its  society only by uniting all the forces reaches harmony, love and warmth.

Since ancient times it was believed that cornflowers had magical powers to keep afar evil spirits, and evil fate.

Raccoon represents the ingenuity and generosity and concern for others and friendliness. Have you noticed his wonderful flute? It signifies the soft voice of women, whose power is also in their speech  so they  can bring harmony in the family through support and calmness.

Therefore, in the print of "Cornflower raccoon"  are inextricably combined the best aspects and qualities of a real woman:  lover, mother, daughter, keeper of the family circle. This T-shirt is surprisingly  complement the image of  a bright and versatile personality, of a friendly and caring girl who at the same time is simple and modest. Incredible addition to your stylish look is a combination of white and blue colors, which are always a timeless trend.

This is the right place to buy the "Cornflower raccoon" t-shirts.   Sizes are indicated above. T-shirt size on the model - M.

Care instructions Hand wash cycle at 30°, iron at medium temperature
Country of origin Made in Ukraine
Material 100 % cotton
Packaging Branded bag/backpack from spunbond
Printing Digital printing

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