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Women’s T-Shirt "Teddy Bear"
Women's T-shirt "Dyvooo-Eyes. Young lion"

Women's T-shirt with Dino


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Women's T-shirt "Ukrozaurus"
Women's T-shirt "Ukrozaurus"

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Welcome new character on Dyvooo stars lane – a gentleman Ukrozaurus. Its mission is to show all the best qualities of the Ukrainian nation.

Animal’s peculiarities
Ukrozaurus is an only preserved species of dinosaurs in Ukraine or even throughout the world. It lives intensely under earth most of its time. The animal quits its house if it understands its significance for society. Its way of life is praising for peace, the friendship between ethnic groups and nation’s prosperity.
It loves mystery, so you have a rare chance to see it. Don’t find Ukrozaurus in mythology. However, the scientists consider it as the author of female Ukrainian’s image. The animal helped our people to get the rich land washed by two seas. And now it calls the thunders and rains to feed the ground and provide the good harvest.
The animal helped the Cossacks to protect our Motherland from capturers’ raids. Its energy inspired the literateurs, dramatists, painters and athletes. As a result, Ukraine is proud of its achievements in all spheres of the life.
The animal doesn’t like bouncing and glory. However, it allowed Dyvooo to carry its image throughout the world to popularize the Ukrainian culture and advantages. So purchase the production with Gentleman Ukrozaurus’s portrait via Dyvooo official site or partner’s network.

Care instructions Hand wash cycle at 30°, iron at medium temperature
Country of origin Made in Ukraine
Material 100 % cotton
Packaging Branded bag/backpack from spunbond
Printing Digital printing

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