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Women’s T-Shirt "Fire Rooster"
Women’s T-Shirt "The Princess Frog"

Women’s T-Shirt "Steel Wolf"

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Women’s T-Shirt "Steel Wolf"
Women’s T-Shirt "Steel Wolf"

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XL 45/44 cm 51/51 cm 67/67 cm
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Wolf seems to be a very ambiguous character. We often heard about it in fairy tales and legends as a terrible beast and we should be afraid of it. Well, you’d better be afraid of  ignorance, because in mythology wolves symbolize family, education, collaboration, insight. They teach people not to be indifferent, to be able to listen and understand, to preserve relationships and love.

We all know women are different from man because of   their patience and endurance, ability to listen and find the right way, and to direct energy. Women’s power is in their unearthly love to what surrounds her: her man, parents, children, work. If a woman really loves, she will love selflessly, strongly and forever.

In some legends wolf symbolizes leadership, loyalty and commitment, and at the same time freedom. Our T-shirt "Steel Wolf" was created for the women who don't love compromises.  The color and the wolf  pose  will tell that you are a great keeper of your family and will fight for your happiness.

If you want to buy a T-shirt with the traditional Ukrainian symbol "Steel Wolf," this is the right place!

Sizes are listed above. The size on the model is M.

Material 100 % cotton

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