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Women's Sweatshirt "Dyvooo-Eyes. The Princess Frog"
Women’s sweatshirt with red pattern

Women’s sweatshirt black pattern

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Women’s sweatshirt black pattern
Women’s sweatshirt black pattern

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Classic. Universal. Individual. These three words can fully express what we want to convey to you offering this wonderful sweatshirt. Classic, because of black and white, simple and neat tailoring, and the best fabric. Universal, because of perfect combination of sweatshirt with pants, jeans, shorts, skirts - midi and maxi. This sleek sweatshirt is ideal for both business meetings and leisure. Individual because of such sweatshirt you cannot find by just walking along the streets of your native city and cannot see on a podium of D & G, our sweatshirt is created in limited quantities. Our proprietary pattern will allow you to experiment with images and pick up not only the classical way, but also extravagant clothes and accessories. Unleash your tastes, wishes, dreams!

Sweatshirt is a new generation and clothing trend for more than one season. You can create a million and one interesting image with classic sweatshirt that fits under any measure. A combination options for you offer such global brands like Moncler with their base models or Lanvin and their sweatshirts with interesting prints. Thanks to the versatility and uniqueness of our black sweatshirt with special pattern you will look simply marvelous and particularly elegant and regardless of whether it's your office or a luxurious party.

Be a part of a global trend of sweatshirts with Ukrainian manufacturer "DYVOOO"!

Clothing is produced in limited series. 

Variation of the sizes is indicated above. The size on the model is M.

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