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Dyvooo-Boots "Fabulous Deer"
Dyvooo-Boots "The Red Beads"

Women’s winter Dyvooo-Boots "Fascinated Love"


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Dyvooo-Boots "Fascinated Love"
Dyvooo-Boots "Fascinated Love"

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The Dyvoooboots are a funny and best quality, Italian made version of the more classic after-ski boots used for centuries all over the snowy world.
During a snowy day in the city or after a sport day in a winter resort, the Dyvoooboots cocoon your tired feet,  keeping them safe from cold, water, ice till the temperature of -25°C.

Even if  Dyvooo.com usually designs mythological Ukrainian Wonder-Beasts, this time we made an exception: 2016 was the Year of the Monkey and our artists played with this animal from the Chinese tradition.

Monkeys play a symbolic role in many religions and legends, where usually they are an embodiment of ingenuity and mischievousness. This magical Monkey’s eyes inspire a variety of bright and positive feelings. Wear your Dyvoooboots with jeans, leggings or snow trousers to be trendy, colorful and elegant.

You never know what mountains  you will conquer tomorrow, so you’d better get your Dyvoooboots today!

The Dyvoooboots are a limited edition.
Available sizes are 35-37; 38-40; 41-43.
DYVOOOBOOTS are designed by Dyvooo.com, Kiev, Ukraine.

Material of UPPER textile 100% polyester.

Internal lining: syntetic wool 100% polyester.

Side and heel: syntetic paint 100% polyuretan.

Sole: thermoplastic rubber.

Produced by Mepres, Italy.

Category Women's shoes
Colour Blue
Season Winter
Shoe Style Sport-casual
Side and heel Synthetic paint 100% polyurethane
Sole material Thermoplastic rubber
Top material 100% Polyester
Care instructions Boots
Printing Synthetic wool 100% polyester
Dimensions 35-37; 38-40

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