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The Owl Taleteller

Good teacher, waymark, wise consultant – these words are owl’s nicknames. No doubt, this bird knows a lot of instructive fairytales. So meet a new character of the Dyvooo collection – an Owl Taleteller decorated in Ukrainian national colors.

The peculiarities of Owl’s image

An owl is one of the most controversial characters in the world. The ancient folks considered it as devil’s employee. The owl leads night pattern of life. The ancestors of the Christians believed that dark period of the day is a time of Satan and widow’s activity so they called an owl as a hunter for dead people or deuce bird depending on ethnic traditions.
The Eastern folks considered it as a positive image. Chinese believed that this bird symbolizes wealthy life. And medieval scholars pictured it on badges of educational institutions around the world. Owl Taleteller became the sign of wisdom and educated people which changed the human opinion about this dark bird.
The ancestors of Slavic people, mainly Ukrainians, considered the owl as an underground expert. So it became the symbol of treasure hunters because the owl knew all mysteries in this world.

Owl in culture

An owl is a favorite character for writers, movie and animation directors, creators of television shows. These birds play different roles in novels and video production. They demonstrate the way for strangers during night, deliver messages between magicians.
The worldwide-known owl’s image is a badge of intellectual club “What? Where? When?”. This project appeared on the Russian screens at distant 1975 and quickly defeated the hearts of viewers. The crystal and brilliant owls are main prizes which underline the scholar’s erudition and high quality of questions sent by viewers. Only the best players can win it.
Don’t forget that people who like late going to bed are called owls. Dyvooo team thinks that these birds give them wise advice because the brain saves the valuable information during night time.
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