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The Sky Storks

The symbolism of the stork

Many cultures and mythologies throughout the world have their own meaning for a stork. Some believe that the stork on the roof of your house brings happiness and prosperity to your family. Some believe that the stork predicts a newborn in a family. In general, the common belief is that this bird is pure and holy, it embodies resurrection. Often it is called the guardian of the home.

In every corner of the earth

Stork is a very popular bird both in fashion and in history of many countries. For example, in ancient Greece the stork was considered to be a sacred bird of the goddess of motherhood and marriage Hera.

Christians in ancient times believed the stork was a symbol of innocence and purity. They also believed that this bird had a dwelling in heaven and communicated with divine creatures.

In the East, it was believed that the image of this bird was a blessing for many years of life in abundance.

Your sky DYVOOO

This is not just a couple of happy storks, these are your new patrons who carry the sky space on their wings: a sunset image of a fiery sun that could barely be seen on the horizon, and a day image of the blue and clear sky with its furry clouds. Same with you: any time of day and year you will look trendy and extraordinarily beautiful with our happy and blessed storks.


Women’s T-Shirt "The Sky Storks"
Women’s T-Shirt "The Sky Storks"
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Women’s T-Shirt "The Sky Storks"

This element of your wardrobe will become your mascot and your personal flight along the sky where y..


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