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The hedgehog Ghluti

Welcome our new character – the hedgehog Ghluti. This cute animal will give you the classic European drink – a mulled wine. It knows everything about traditions of cooking in Germany, Scotland, and Ireland which are main exporters of this drink throughout the world.
Maybe you’ll be lucky and Glughti itself will bring you mulled wine itself. The animal hasn’t any needles. You can discover vanilla, cinnamon, grapes and orange components on its skin. These spices will flavor your life with honesty, warmth, and well-being. The hedgehog will guard your sleep against insects and rodents as they’re its primary nutrition.
We placed its illustration on our souvenir production. Meet cozy t-shirts, sweatshirts with a hoodie which will fill the gap in your casual and business look. Don’t forget to hide your citizen’s passport into simple cover to protect it from various occasions. Don’t forget to trust your trip documents to him on stylish ticket case with several departments. Let Gluhti bring you luck and happiness!

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