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The Violet Dragonfly

The symbolism of the winged one

Dragonfly is an insect known since ancient times, mentioned in many legends, and it has its symbolism in every mythology around the world. It has long been loved for its unusual color, wings, which are iridescent and fascinating. These delicate insects enjoy great respect in Japan, where they are referred to as talismans of militant courage. And even Honshu island was named after the beautiful dragonfly. These insects bring victory, happiness and good luck. Dragonfly in China is a symbol of the sun and summer. Some attribute them to the symbolism of lightness and grace.

Wonder Wings of the Dragonfly

Dragonfly is always depicted with magical shimmering wings, as they are its most important feature. The unique dragonfly is mentioned in numerous mysterious legends and thanks to its wonderful shade the world seems to appear in new colors, a new palette. Dragonfly’s energy is strong and powerful, it can bring new watercolors into your life, maybe fleeing, but magical.

Your inimitable DYVOOO

Our dragonfly is a truly wonderful gem, a gem that sparkles like a diamond in the sun in different colors and attracts every glance. Your look with the charming dragonfly will be unique and unusual, it changes depending on your mood and life situations. Give depth to your style with shimmering colors of dragonfly’s magic wings.


Women’s T-Shirt "The Violet Dragonfly"
Women’s T-Shirt "The Violet Dragonfly"
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Women’s T-Shirt "The Violet Dragonfly"

Not every modern woman can feel the lightness and grace of a dragonfly in a noisy and crowded city, ..


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