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Print "The Squirrel and the Oak Leaf"

An insight into mythology

In ancient times the squirrel was associated with a lot of legends and superstitions. This DYVOOO-animal embodies agility and enormous energy. It’s also a pretty cunning animal.

In Slavic mythology the squirrel is a small forest animal in the God Perun’s regiment.

The symbolism of the "white"

The squirrel is linked to the concept of light, sun, as it quickly jumps on branches of trees. White means sacredness, purity, fertility - one of the basic elements of a color symbolism.

A talisman depicting squirrels helped in family life and decision-making.

In Slovakia, a piece of cloth that screened the woman who was giving birth, was decorated with embroidery with squirrel, rooster and deer motifs, and a piece of squirrel skin was used to wrap the newborn.

The Oak leaf

No wonder our beautiful squirrel has oak patterns on its belly and tail. The oak is a symbol of strengthlongevity, strenght and health. The tree of life symbolizes the most powerful gods: Zeus, Jupiter, Perun. The squirrel with oak branches will be your mascot to make the right decisions, talisman of energy and support for the light path.

Eco bag  "The squirrel and the oak leaf"
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Beige T-shirt for women with a squirrel
Beige T-shirt for women with a squirrel
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Women’s T-Shirt "The Squirrel and the oak leaf"
Women’s T-Shirt "The Squirrel and the oak leaf"
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Women’s T-Shirt "The Squirrel and the oak leaf"

This simple and beautiful T-shirt is created for beautiful women who always have bright and light image. The print is with a sacred image of a squirrel, which for centuries has symbolized sacredness, purity, fertility and light. Another feature of the squirrel is that it promotes maternal source and blesses children. Beautiful caramel color of our hero always will make all surrounding people fall in love with your look, and patterns with oak leaves will magically draw attention to your image and make your look memorable. Stylish and simple - here is how you can summarize this T-shirt "The S..


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