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Dyvooo wishes you happy Easter!

Dyvooo wishes you happy Easter!

Dear customers!

Dyvooo branded accessories internet shop wishes you happy Easter! Let the resurrection bliss fall on you and fulfill your family lives with Faith, Hope and Love.

Easter is one of favourite holidays for multiple cultures around the world. Its popularity rises each year, indulging more and more folks independently of origin and religion. The seasonal Easter festivals in most cultural centers around the world attract people and give them a chance to learn more about traditions and beliefs of their ancestors.

The list of festive traditions is also rising and transforming. The most important for them are to meet spring and nature resurrection, to excuse everybody and keep Lent. However, the times brought new customs and beliefs which were empowered by new inventions. So our talented designers collected and transferred them in animalistic form. Let us show the Dyvooo Animals collection.

Easter is traditionally spring holiday. It’s period when the nature awakes from long winter sleep. It’s full of power. The birds are singing louder and softer. And some birds return from southern warmness. Our print Spring Swallow catches it in flight home. A swallow is among first creatures who return from distant voyage. It brings beautiful days.

The second moment is egg hunting. Some cultures, mainly Western ones, believe that each year an Easter Bunny brings colourful eggs in memory of Christ death and resurrection. Thousands of children and their parents take part in quests dedicated to egg hunting in their own gardens, parks or fair locations. Dyvooo team advises you to buy a souvenir with rabbit image. It will give you not only Easter eggs but also an army of new relatives thanking to the future children!

Most schools and companies are closed since Good Friday till next week’s Monday after Easter. It’s a great chance to meet with your relatives or friends and feel yourself as a Violet Dragonfly. This character relates to Ukrainian and Russian cultures thanking to efforts of fabulists Hlibov and Krylov correspondingly. Don’t treat about something for these short period.

These are all main characters connected with Easter. Each print is a set of unique useful things for each member of family.

T-shirts won’t allow your body to overwarm during summer days.

Sweatshirt usually protects everybody during autumn or winter days.

The ticketcases and iPhone cases will declutter your bags and keep documents clean during coastal weekend or hiking.

The ecofriendly spanbond bags will hold everything you need in your journey.

All you need to do for purchase is to fill a short form and choose your favourite items. We’ll do the other steps in a short time.

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