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iPhone case "Dyvooo-eyes. Night Bull" (monochrome)

iPhone case with eyes of ram

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iPhone case "Dyvooo-eyes. Ram"
iPhone case "Dyvooo-eyes. Ram"

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Your smartphone is watched by your Star Lamb! Whilst holdind your Smartphone in one hand carefully, grab the The Star Ram’s Magical Glance Case with other hand. After that, in one move, Ctrl + C your smartphone and Ctrl + V it into the case. Voila! Your phone is protected by the Star Ram’s all-searching eye!  Everybody’s aware by now: this small miracle belongs only to you! The Ram is dedicated  to its owner and it loves him or her more than everything! Make a selfie with your pet in order to conquer your karma completely) And the whole world is yours!

Material: sturdy plastic.

Its really wonderful case for your iPhone! We will pack it in our branded gift box.

Material 100% plastic
Packaging gift wrap

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