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Leather wallet "Fairy Deer"
Leather wallet "Little fox’s sleeping"

Leather wallet with monkey eyes


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Hello, look at us, we are your new eyes!  We are the Monkeys in Love  and we watch around, to keep you safe.

As you know the monkeys’ eyes are sly and funny , misterious and inquisitive.  We are calm but full of positive energy, playful but wise and we are here to make your day unforgettable.

With us, your new wallet will be the highlight of your set of accessories and you will attract the attention of the people around.  But: watch out! We are so cool that everyone else will be envy, so show us with care!

"Dyvooo Look" is a creation made of fashion, art and love for great people like, unconditionally a trend-setter.

Bright colors and unusual patterns on handbags and wallets are our trademark: make it yours!

Country of origin Ukraine
Material Natural Leather
Packaging Gift packaging is handmade with a proprietary pattern
Dimensions 200*100*20 mm

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