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Leather wallet "Cornflower raccoon"

Leather wallet Dyvooo look "Baroque Ermine"


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Hello! We are your new eyes. We are made of love, tenderness, grace and of the splendor of Baroque Ermine.

Surely you will not pass by unnoticed, because the ermine’s eyes are magnetic, and can’t be forgotten. You will look unusually elegant, fashionable, full of humor and, definitely, people will remember about you.

Our line "Dyvooo look" is not only stylish and comfortable wallets, but also practical and great covers for your iPhone, which together create a wonderful tandem of your personal collection with your favorite characters.

Our lovely ermine on your wallet creates a delicate and elegant image, and the cover is about to bravely guard your device. Together with a packaging box with the brand pattern of Dyvooo, both wallet and case will be well-aimed gifts not only for yourself but for your loved ones.

Create your unique image with top leather wallets and other accessories from the series "Dyvooo look", and the world will be your fashion podium.

Country of origin Ukraine
Material Natural Leather
Packaging Gift packaging is handmade with a proprietary pattern
Dimensions 200*100*20 mm

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