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Leather wallet "Baroque Ermine"
Leather wallet "Fairy Deer"

Leather wallet Dyvooo look "Cornflower raccoon"

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Hello! We are your new eyes. We are the embodiment of beauty, inspiration, fine spiritual balance  and goodwill of the lovely cornflower raccoon.

This wonderful look is as mesmerizing as the pattern of the summer field, dotted with cornflowers, which has no end ( or perhaps ending up in the sky). Cornflowers are flowers of tenderness and cordiality perfectly suited for elegant and refined lady who goes hand-in-hand with the latest looks and modern trends.

The mysterious raccoon’s eyes attract attention and have magical power: with its red and blue colors they make your character interesting and unusual. You will be at the center of the attention in every moment of the day.

Look №1 of this season is the combination of simple-cut clothes in pastel colors, with bright accessories in crazy prints,

Now imagine to combine your Dyvooo wallet with  with a iPhone case with "Dyvooo look" of the Cornflower Raccoon. Trousers or skirt suits, the-same-design shoes and bag, accessories from one series... . A magnificent packaging box with the  stylish "Dyvooo" pattern can also make your perfect gift for your friends and family.

Material Natural Leather
Manufacturer country Ukraine
Dimensions 200*100*20 mm
Packaging Gift packaging is handmade with a proprietary pattern

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