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Men's Sweatshirt Hoodie "Steel Wolf"
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Men's Banana sweatshirt

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Men's Banana sweatshirt
Men's Banana sweatshirt

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We think it's just the perfect clothes in winter to stand out for its positive and colorful mood, give to this gray and cold world a little warmth and a couple of smiles; and in summer to be the most stylish of all all! In addition, banana sweatshirt is created specifically for the year of the monkey that certainly will contribute to your success in all your endeavors!

We do believe that as the banana is very widely used: from the creation of delicious desserts of the fruit, the use of banana fiber in the textile industry (wow!), in the same way every man is a "Jack of all trades" : all things will be made well if you pass it to a real man!

Also a real man may be different: a strong and courageous support for his beloved, a reliable defender and at the same time can be romantic and tender, sweet, and at default positive and cheerful. Such a sweatshirt certainly will awake your optimistic point of view and attract the attention of friends and girls. Hopefully you know that British scientists have proved that 98% of young women are most attracted by cool guys’ sense of humor? If not our product is waiting for you!

Composition - 100% cotton.

Screen printing on natural fabrics.

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